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Wood steering wheels


Didn’t find a suitable steering wheel?

Have a damaged steering wheel or a dashboard? We can restore it regardless of your vehicle’s type. Let it be a car, boat or an aircraft – PRO craftsmen will inject some unique style to it. 

Aside restoration services, we produce unique wood steering wheels almost from scratch ourselves. Make sure to check our pre-made steering wheels catalogue and grab something lovely for your car today.

How it works?

Once we receive the parts you want to refurbish, one of our specialists takes care of them from the very beginning to the very end. When the restoration process is done, we pack everything securely and ship it back to you. It usually takes only 2 weeks, so that is indeed a quick and great way to boost your vehicle’s interior with some fresh wood and pure leather.

Not concerned? Here are some facts on us:

  • More than 1000 satisfied customers around the world. 
  • Nearly 100 years of woodworking tradition. 
  • Over 1040 weeks of experience in restoring steering wheels and dashboards. 
  • Almost 3650 days of combining wood with leather. 
  • Everything is 100% handmade and custom
  • Quality materials tested quadrillion times. 
  • Manufacturing processes approved by the Japanese scientists
  • Our limit → your imagination.

Steering wheel
restoration cost


  • Steering wheel restoration cost starts at $300. Such price applies to those wheels that do not require complicated refurbishment solutions and exclusive design.
  • More complex steering wheels that are strongly damaged (with numerous cracks) or extremely worn out require detailed restoration work which usually costs $400 – $500.
  • Extremely difficult restoration works or those that demand very custom design run between $600 – $800 and more.


Keep in mind that these prices are preliminary. Steering wheel restoration cost is determined according to its condition and client’s wishes for design. If you want to know the real price for your unit – get in touch with us.



Our premade products and restored pieces can be shipped world-wide. Depending on the region, prices may vary as GAAA (or is located in Northern Europe. Shipping costs are:

  • Europe – approximately $30
  • North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia – approximately $50
  • Antarctica – unfortunately, we have not had to deal with it yet, so drop us a line now!

If you are looking for custom-built wood steering wheels for sale, you came to the right place! Our business is selling BMW and Mercedes-Benz hand-built wooden steering wheels. We can also refurbish a worn-out unit at your request.  

We, at, sell premium quality hand-built steering wheels with wood accents, items made entirely out of wood or ones with leather and wood finish. In addition, you can also individualise and with our help make a unique unit for all sorts of vehicles. Whether you own and drive, pilot or sail with a car, yacht or an aircraft, we can help you out! 

We provide luxury service at a cheap price. A large part of our focus is to sell fully hand-made products for the concerned vehicle owners, collectioniers or encourage to give them as gifts. On our online store, any customer can find and purchase wood steering wheels for BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.  They look great in the interior and add a sense of extravagance as well as opulence.

Many years of development went into refining the manufacturing and detailing process. Since woodworking is a delicate matter and precise woodwork is a highly demanding skill, you should only entrust it to the most renowned specialists. We are just that! Over a century of experience in woodworking is visible through the high quality of the finished products. Every client who purchases BMW and Mercedes-Benz wheels can see what the fuss is all about.

Everything is hand-made — 100 %. The quality of the final product is impeccable, clearly visible in our product catalogue. Our short and long-term goals are to provide flawless service and to satisfy our clients’ needs to the fullest extent. Since thousands of hours were put into the sophistication of the manufacture, we are proud to undertake tough tasks of providing our clients with the same level of quality (or maybe even better) when compared against the German manufacturers themselves. Whether you want a pre-built unit or an individualised wheel, do not hesitate to choose us. We firmly believe we are the best!

Wood steering wheels – the prestige behind it

For a long time, cars with wood steering wheels felt the most prestigious of the lot. The most prestigious and luxurious car brands added wood accents to the wheels of their flagship models. Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and even some top of the range American brands put wood in the interiors of their cars up until the ’90s. After that, some manufacturers shied away from it for a while. However, the tendency is back strong. Consumers and the market dictates that wood is still the premiere choice for the luxury look. We see a growing trend for owners to purchase new steering wheels that look vintage and subsequently have wooden accents. Items with the combination of wood and leather finish attract tons of attention.

If you do not believe that wood on wheels symbolises luxury, look at the most luxurious form of transport in the world – boats. In boats, wood on wheels is widespread, and since it is considered to be a very prestigious type of vehicle, you can see why car manufacturers try to replicate it.

We can can sell you a fully ready product from our store or add wooden accents to any wheel of your liking. Our store offers a wide assortment of BMW wooden steering wheels and Mercedes-Benz wood steering wheels. We can individualise the wheel of any car, truck, bus, van, cart, boat, yacht or even an aircraft. However, if you wish to purchase an already-restored wheel, do not forget that we can turn almost any idea into reality.

Make the interior of your vehicle even more luxurious with a wood steering wheel cover. It does not matter whether you own a brand new sports car, an old pickup or a 15-year-old SUV. You send the carcass, and we can individualise it in any way you please. Our services apply to wood steering wheels for classic cars, wood steering wheels with airbags and in general, wood wheels of cars and other vehicles as well. As of now, we do not undertake the refurbishing of heated wheels. The technology for that is still in development and in the meantime, maybe we can find something else that could interest you?

Making a wood steering wheel

We want to share a little bit of information with you. It is about how we make these steering wheels from MB and BMW which you see in our catalogue. Making a wood steering wheel is a highly demanding and challenging task. It requires proper machinery and tools, the appropriate amount of know-how and the cream of the crop in the department of raw materials. A lot of things go into refurbishing or individualising an old school steering wheel, regular 3 spoke or 4 spoke vintage wood steering wheels or even more modern, yet classic-looking wood grain steering wheels. BMW and Mercedes-Benz set a high standard for us, and we want to maintain the same attention to detail as the manufacturers.

What we do does not affect the geometry, responsiveness or functionality of the steering wheel itself. Our role is to make, restore it or individualise it by taking new steering wheels or old units and make them feel more premium than before. Due to our refined and perfected manufacturing process, both vintage wood steering wheels and new models get a new life in our hands.

We combine tannery with woodworking to produce extraordinary feats of craftsmanship in the shape of steering wheels. In our world, the clients’ expectations and safety are the primary priorities! 

Why go to us for a real wood steering wheel?

Well, because almost everything is done by hand. With regards to the premium blend of leather and wood, we use 100% natural raw materials, without any artificial additives. So, you can say that the BMW and Mercedes-Benz wheels we sell are also handmade, even though they are made identical to the original model which comes straight from the manufacturer.

The knowledge of working wood has been passed down for generations. The total experience with wood spans more than one century, and the last few years were spent to perfect and optimise various manufacturing processes to be ready to compete in the international market. The choice of wood for the client is vast and customers can truly build a unit of their dreams. Birch, Walnut, Zebrano, etc..

We have a long experience with custom made wood steering wheels. We could try and list every single completed task from our portfolio, but that would require a separate book. To put it plainly – if you need any refurbishing or individualisation done to your wood steering wheel – contact us!

Every product that we put for sale gets unparalleled and immediate attention. Down to the very tiniest detail, we make sure to bring something truly unique from your mind to life. Our numerous successes point out the obvious – making custom wood / wood grain steering wheels is the right choice of business! Along with the restoration of leather and wood steering wheels, we can help any owner of any vehicle be more satisfied with their driving experience.

Since steering wheel production is quite an exquisite and delicate service, you could fall into a situation where you need to purchase a unit, yet a decent shop is nowhere near you. In this case, you should know that there is a trustworthy and premium-quality service provider relatively close by. We are just a few keyboard and mouse clicks away. Please send us the original carcass of the steering wheel or purchase a ready-made unit from the store and get products delivered to wherever you want to.

Now that in our mind is a top-quality service!

BMW steering wheels for sale

For years, the Bavarian car manufacturer has represented pure driving and automotive excellence. Their success on the road and the race track shows the genuine commitment and passion for car manufacturing. We share this passion with them. This is one of the reasons why we are selling fully refurbished wooden BMW steering wheels or leather units with wood accents.

Throughout many decades of manufacturing, BMW has fitted their cars with various wheels. Some were futuristic, some more classic, others sporty. However, since the company emphasises the pleasures of driving and how responsive the car feels once you turn the wheel, it has to be in peak shape. All of us, who have driven a BMW know that sitting behind the wheel is the most pleasurable experience of driving. Something magical can happen any time you drive. 

You can browse our store to see the various products we sell and ship worldwide. Any BMW owner, whether their car is new or not so new, can find the perfect wheel for their model. From the E chassis series, all the way to the newer F and even some G chassis models, we will be able to supply you with the steering wheel of your choice!

What is more, you can individualise any wheel for your BMW. Just send us the original carcass, and we can apply any incrustation, add initials, make any product genuinely unique. Panels and dashboards can also be restored. Add a pinch of authenticity to your BMW via a custom, hand-built wood grain steering wheel from us. This could also be a great gift!

Mercedes-Benz steering wheels for sale

On our online store, customers can order various refurbished Mercedes-Benz wooden steering wheels. Restored by hand, the luxury and quality we provide certainly matches that of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The German manufacturer is regarded as the alpha dog in terms of luxury, driving comfort and performance on the road.

A rich and colourful history in both car manufacturing and racing gives the Mercedes-Benz automobiles a pedigree others can only be jealous about. Hundreds of victories in F1, Le Mans, GT racing and other spheres illustrate the success and devotion of the Mercedes-Benz racing division. However, at the same time, the brand transmits unparalleled craftsmanship, luxury and comfort with their road-going vehicles. Any Mercedes-Benz driver knows that any day gets better the second you sit behind the wheel. However, it could even be better if you pick one of the hand-built MB wood steering wheels for sale on our site.

See the vast selection of high-quality MB steering wheels with leather and wood combo or wood accents on our store. Every concerned or caring owner can either select something from the list or send us their wheel carcass and make individual requests. Many hand-crafted projects later, we can boldly claim that our experience allows us to precisely assemble, design and finish any Mercedes-Benz wooden steering wheel. This could also be a great gift!

Wood and leather – the luxurious combination

In the world of steering wheels, no material combination provides more comfort and luxury than wood and leather. For grip, safety and aesthetics, these two elements blend in the most effective way possible. Leather and wood combination gives the wheel a distinct and unique look. It is appreciated by all drivers (especially MB and BMW), collectors and onlookers alike.

We can claim to be competent and knowledgeable in tanning and woodworking. We fuse the knowledge passed on from our past generations with experience of individualising and restoring wood and leather steering wheels. 

The final products are precisely and exquisitely crafted. The result would not be possible without the many years and hours of research that went into it. For starters, the selection of raw materials and the search for providers was difficult and lasted long. We wanted to be supremely confident in the quality and durability of the wood, leather and varnish we select because they would be the primary object representing our quality of work. After we found the appropriate leather and wood suppliers, we had to develop a proper technology and process for producing and restoring wheels.

To complete this step, we consulted with scientists and experts in the field of materials. Our technology and tools are on par with high-tech Japanese laboratories, and we have gathered their knowledge and transfer it to the product.

It also helps that woodworking traditions have a long history in our family. Besides, the wood steering wheels for sale we produce look very appealing and brand-new because there are no visible fixing points. Everything is done in order to replicate the real thing and to avoid producing cheap and unreliable products.

Top-notch varnish

The varnish is crucial to the quality and durability of the wheel. Without varnish, you would not get the same appeal of a premium quality wooden steering wheel. It would feel and look cheap, plus the scratches and marks would appear almost immediately. We emphasise the importance of varnish from experience. We know first-hand how troubling it can be.

Back not so long ago, we used the help of a young family member to test the quality of varnish. Since it is highly essential, we delegated the task to the youngest female member of the family, around ten years old at the time. We picked up many types of varnishes and then we applied it onto the ‘test’ steering wheel. To measure how various varnishes perform, we gave the young family member something sharp (a key, a fork…) and asked her to try and scratch it. She did. Many times. This unique and helpful test allowed us to find a proper varnish which greatly prevents the appearance of scratches and markings.

Through gruelling yet productive testing, we found which varnishes were the most effective and durable. At the same time, we refined the application technology. In short, the quality of the product increased tremendously. And not just the quality, the looks also. So, all it took was the help of a 10-year-old girl…

Custom made wooden steering wheels

In a sense, all of our products are custom-made. Even the items you can see for sale in the store are 100% hand-crafted. A little bit of our soul and heart goes not only into the BMW and Mercedes-Benz steering wheels, but all products that we sell. The wheels are made by applying premium quality leather and wooden accents onto a reliable wheel carcass which comes from the manufacturer. Safety and quality are two matters where we do not cut corners. We do not use and will not take on cheap plastic items which were made in China or any other uncertified steering wheels. Send us the original part which came straight from the manufacturer. We would never do anything to jeopardise your and others’ safety behind the wheel. 

If we do it, we do it right!

In addition, we would like to mention once again that we also work with steering wheels for all other types of vehicles, not just make wood steering wheels for cars. Whether you own a boat, yacht, golf cart or an aeroplane, if your steering wheel or yoke needs restoration – do not hesitate to get in touch!


In general, the quality should resemble the final price, right? However, our situation calls for a slightly different approach. Since we are a new name in the international market, an adequate marketing strategy has been selected. On, every client can find reasonably priced premium-quality wooden steering wheels. We can confidently claim that the prices for custom and pre-built Mercedes-Benz or BMW steering wheels are going to go up with time (as does demand), so right now is your best time to buy!

All the items on our store have individual prices. Browse and compare them at your will. Keep in mind, that even though the steering wheel looks just as good as the original (or maybe even better) wood steering wheel which came from BMW or Mercedes-Benz, everything on our store is hand-made. If intended as a gift, our products also have a more personal touch to them. It is not something brought from a mass-production factory. Years and years of refinement and quality betterment as well as a piece of our hearts go into every single restored or repaired steering wheel. Get your friend, family member or fellow car enthusiast a classic wood steering wheel or opt for one of the premium leather and wood steering wheels.

To get to know the cost of individualised and custom wheels – get in touch. We can provide you with a quote once we get familiar with the project, your expectations and wishes.


We deliver worldwide. Our clients come from various parts of the globe. They buy custom made luxury wood steering wheels online. We have fulfilled orders for clients all over the world, with our service having no particular border or location-based restriction.

Steering wheel delivery prices vary depending on your location. To know the exact information (rates, duration), please contact us or check our website in the appropriate delivery sub-page to get more accurate information on it.