Steering wheel BMW E32


Didn’t find a suitable steering wheel?

Have a damaged steering wheel or a dashboard? We can restore it regardless of your vehicle’s type. Let it be a car, boat or an aircraft – PRO craftsmen will inject some unique style to it. 

Aside restoration services, we produce unique wood steering wheels almost from scratch ourselves. Make sure to check our pre-made steering wheels catalogue and grab something lovely for your car today.

How it works?

Once we receive the parts you want to refurbish, one of our specialists takes care of them from the very beginning to the very end. When the restoration process is done, we pack everything securely and ship it back to you. It usually takes only 2 weeks, so that is indeed a quick and great way to boost your vehicle’s interior with some fresh wood and pure leather.

Not concerned? Here are some facts on us:

  • More than 1000 satisfied customers around the world. 
  • Nearly 100 years of woodworking tradition. 
  • Over 1040 weeks of experience in restoring steering wheels and dashboards. 
  • Almost 3650 days of combining wood with leather. 
  • Everything is 100% handmade and custom
  • Quality materials tested quadrillion times. 
  • Manufacturing processes approved by the Japanese scientists
  • Our limit → your imagination.

Steering wheel
restoration cost


  • Steering wheel restoration cost starts at $300. Such price applies to those wheels that do not require complicated refurbishment solutions and exclusive design.
  • More complex steering wheels that are strongly damaged (with numerous cracks) or extremely worn out require detailed restoration work which usually costs $400 – $500.
  • Extremely difficult restoration works or those that demand very custom design run between $600 – $800 and more.


Keep in mind that these prices are preliminary. Steering wheel restoration cost is determined according to its condition and client’s wishes for design. If you want to know the real price for your unit – get in touch with us.



Our premade products and restored pieces can be shipped world-wide. Depending on the region, prices may vary as GAAA (or is located in Northern Europe. Shipping costs are:

  • Europe – approximately $30
  • North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia – approximately $50
  • Antarctica – unfortunately, we have not had to deal with it yet, so drop us a line now!

BMW E32 Wooden Steering Wheels

If you are a proud owner of a BMW E32 or know a person who is, we have something really special to offer. Introducing – BMW E32 wooden steering wheels for sale. By browsing the catalogue of our store you can find high-quality hand made wheels at affordable rates.

We offer a century of woodworking experience, unparalleled attention to detail amongst many other impressive features.

Boost your BMW E32 interior style with a custom steering wheel

E32 is a well-known and respected model in the BMW range. It has turned both the eyes of the general public and the Bavarian carmaker enthusiasts. However, since this is a mass-produced vehicle, sometimes it can lack a sense of individuality. Even though BMW heavily emphasises being the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’, not everyone feels excited or awed by their interiors.

We offer a simple solution – buying a leather upholstered or a completely wooden BMW steering wheel online for your E32. We hand-build all of the units currently for sale and can even customise a unit if you have a desire to do so.

Add a little something to your car or give a great gift for a person you care about with a custom BMW steering wheel, no matter its size, shape or any other features.

Highest quality at an affordable price

Currently, we are a new name and a recent entry into the international market. Because of that we sell at a low price. However, we are confident in knowing that because of the exceptional quality of our work prices will only go up as time progresses, so now is the right chance to purchase steering wheels for your BMW E32 online.

With so many years of experience, we can boldly claim that no one in this price range can even come close to the quality of work that we do. Pulling such statements out of thin air would be silly, but we have hundreds of satisfied clients’ testimonies to go by.

Why us?

You can trust us because of our experience. We know it all when it comes to steering wheel upholstery, repair, refurbishment and building. Expressly when matters are related to BMW models and more specifically, the E32, our skills can rise to the challenge and deliver a top-notch BMW E32 wooden steering wheel to our clients.

Furthermore, we are safety-first oriented. All of the work we do has no impact on the geometry and behaviour of the steering wheel whatsoever. Our actions only affect the aesthetics and covering materials. This is why we use genuine carcasses in our production and not just the cheapest raw materials around. Your well-being is our No. 1 concern when producing and selling any steering wheel for BMW E32.

Finally, never hesitate to choose us if you value quality over just a cheap price tag and luxuriousness over mass production. We can also sell premium quality wood and leather blend BMW steering wheels, wood grain BMW steering wheels along with all kinds of custom BMW E32 steering wheels if the listings in the catalogue do not match your taste.

Shipping info and details

With regards to the delivery of the BMW E32 wood steering wheels for sale, we can only mention that we ship globally and can arrange the most convenient delivery option per your request.

As of now, we have clients in all but one continent… Antarctica remains free of BMW drivers as of now, but we hope that changes quickly! Jokes aside, our shop will deliver your hand-made wood grain BMW E32 steering wheel or any kind of other purchased good anywhere in the world.

In case of any questions or inquiries – please contact us via the channels listed on our site! Do not forget to reach out with your request about custom BMW E32 steering wheels.