Leather steering wheel repair

Steering wheels with leather upholstery are relatively standard. They have been around for long and are sometimes considered to be the norm for average class vehicles. However, the difference between middle of the pack, dull, old & worn out leather steering wheel and a sparkling new unit is smaller than you think. Do not simply throw out the worn-out unit to trash for the sake of the new one. Choose us to perform leather steering wheel repair and/or refinish. This way you can get authenticity instead of remaining satisfied with mass-produced goods.

We will take an old leather steering wheel from any vehicle, this includes not just automobiles, but also trucks, buses, golf carts even boats, aeroplanes, whatever, and recondition it to make it look and feel the part. Interested? Let us tell a little bit more about the service

Bring back a nice look to your steering wheel or dashboard by contacting us!

Have a damaged steering wheel or a dashboard? We can restore it regardless of your vehicle’s type. Let it be a car, boat or an aircraft – PRO craftsmen will inject some unique style to it. 

Aside restoration services, we produce unique wood steering wheels almost from scratch ourselves. Make sure to check our pre-made steering wheels catalogue and grab something lovely for your car today.

How it works? Once we receive the parts you want to refurbish, one of our specialists takes care of them from the very beginning to the very end. When the restoration process is done, we pack everything securely and ship it back to you. It usually takes only 2 weeks, so that is indeed a quick and great way to boost your vehicle’s interior with some fresh wood and pure leather.

Not concerned? Here are some facts on us:

  • More than 1000 satisfied customers around the world. 
  • Nearly 100 years of woodworking tradition. 
  • Over 1040 weeks of experience in restoring steering wheels and dashboards. 
  • Almost 3650 days of combining wood with leather. 
  • Everything is 100% handmade and custom
  • Quality materials tested quadrillion times. 
  • Manufacturing processes approved by the Japanese scientists
  • Our limit → your imagination.

Steering wheel
restoration cost


  • Steering wheel restoration cost starts at $300. Such price applies to those wheels that do not require complicated refurbishment solutions and exclusive design.
  • More complex steering wheels that are strongly damaged (with numerous cracks) or extremely worn out require detailed restoration work which usually costs $400 – $500.
  • Extremely difficult restoration works or those that demand very custom design run between $600 – $800 and more.


Keep in mind that these prices are preliminary. Steering wheel restoration cost is determined according to its condition and client’s wishes for design. If you want to know the real price for your unit – get in touch with us.



Our premade products and restored pieces can be shipped world-wide. Depending on the region, prices may vary as GAAA (or is located in Northern Europe. Shipping costs are:

  • Europe – approximately $30
  • North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia – approximately $50
  • Antarctica – unfortunately, we have not had to deal with it yet, so drop us a line now!

What do you drive? How do you drive?

Are you a passionate driver? How do you like to feel when behind the wheel? Is it just about getting from point A to B, or is there something more to going places? We strongly believe that there is more behind sitting behind the wheel than just mashing pedals and turning the wheel.

This belief and our experience of restoration helped carve out a direction for the business, its vision and priorities. We want to bring the best service of recovery to the customers who are looking to renew, repair or are finally starting to take care of the interior of their vehicle. It is more than just aesthetics, however. Refurbished and restored products have a unique feel to them and bring added luxury alongside.

We make no compromises by eliminating functionality or removing parts. We do our work by mending, repainting, stitching and doing other necessary tasks to return the leather steering wheel to its former glory or make it stand out while doing so.

Leather steering wheel repair

What you see when you look at leather steering wheel repairs, depends on what you know. At first glance, it may seem that this is quite a basic service where we strip down the steering wheel and apply new leather. However, there is much more action that happens behind the scenes and so much detail put into faded or worn leather steering wheel repair that we are incredibly and genuinely proud of what we do.

If it were as simple as stripping it down and replacing current steering wheel leather with a set of new materials, which seems as easy as ABC, we would be out of business by tomorrow. It isn’t however, but we make it seem so. Maybe that is our secret…

Complex engineering solutions, years of experience, exact know-how, precision and immaculate attention to detail is required to provide the best quality of this service. That is precisely what we strive for and hopefully achieve. What we do has no impact on driving/boating/handling characteristics. The work which is done only concerns the leather which covers the carcass. We pay significant amounts of attention to our clients’ comfort and the safety of them and everyone around, also.

How can you opt of leather replacement on your steering wheel? Get in touch first. We need to know what needs to be done. We can add individualisations, incrustations and other unique aspects at an additional cost per request. Then you will have to remove the steering wheel or yoke from the column. After which, you are going to ship it to us. Once we receive it, we get to work and refurbish the leather unit and send it right back.

Simple enough, right?

Recondition old leather and have a brand-new looking steering wheel

But wait, why would reconditioning of a leather steering wheel be important? If it does not alter driving characteristics for the better, why would you be concerned with anything concerning leather steering wheel restoration & recolouring repair?

There are multiple answers, and they all depend on the type of person and driver you are. The comfort of driving and handling characteristics the vehicle comes to mind first. Once the leather of the steering wheel gets scuffed or worn out, precise and pleasant handling becomes much more difficult. The wheel is prone to slipping from your hands and touching is unpleasant or even outright nasty.

Following the feel are aesthetics. You cannot deny the fact that getting into a boring, worn out or poorly looked-after interior of the car is slightly demoralising. Yes, you can be content with it, but it is far from comfortable. People who are concerned with their interior condition, whether you own Ford, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz or any other, should look after it, at least somewhat. Leather steering wheel rewraps or reconditioning of a leather unit is a great way to begin an affectionate relationship with driving and cars. You may not be a sworn petrolhead, but if you are a quality-driven individual, you want only the best things.

Finally, we can add possible desire to improve the current situation. We can combine such materials like wood with leather, enhance the unit with personalised stitching and more. Besides, we also sell hand pre-built steering wheels for both BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz’s, check them out in our catalogue!
Interested? Get in touch!

Other possible accents

We touched upon this slightly. The most common additions to reconditioned leather steering wheels that our clients select to purchase are personalisation and wood & leather blending. How are they beneficial, and what purpose do they serve?

Well, for starters, we have a tremendous amount of experience with woodworking, so doing anything, realising even the most outrageous and ambitious ideas is never out of the realm of possibility. Customers with vivid imaginations can speak interesting designs that our clients think of into existence, by turning their sensational visions into reality thanks to our modern engineering and all-encompassing design solutions.

The wood we use is high-class. Mahogany, Zebrano, birch, teak are just a few of the broad range. Leather upholstery and leather refinishing are done by hand entirely. Machinery and devices are only used in situations where our hands could not be put to use.

The possibility for personalisation and added luxury make the restoration of leather steering wheels a sought-after service by car collectors and enthusiasts. When they have a vehicle which they appreciate and endear or hold valuable, adding a neat touch could make it feel more their own rather than just a piece of metal which was mass-produced on a factory line.

A great gift

So, if you know a car collector or an enthusiast, you can surprise them by giving them a great gift – worn steering wheel replacement.
Such a present will not go unnoticed. Birthdays or other occasions could be made a tad more special with a thought-out selection like this.

Our heritage and mission

You might also wonder, why is it worth choosing us over other worn leather car steering wheel repair service providers? What do we bring to the table that others cannot?

Let’s begin with a wide range of services we provide. Whether it is a faded, scuffed, peeled or generally worn steering wheel with leather, we can make it better. No exceptions here.

Moreover, our pricing is very friendly for your wallet. Why is that? Because as a new player in the international market, we are seeking to establish a foothold in the market. Our reviews are great, but we want to expand so dropping the prices seemed like the right thing to do. However, this is likely temporary, so choosing to refinish, fix or recover your old worn leather steering wheel now is in your best interest because prices will likely go up in the future.

What we also have that others do not is heritage. Our operation is a family business which combines experience, passion and an endless desire to innovate. We are tremendously talented with woodworks and leather craftsmanship. Much of our work is done by hand, adding that tiny sliver of luxury that propels our work to the top of the totem pole in the market. Materials used are chosen by us, yet we can accommodate your desires and utilise supplies and resources that you request.

By also looking at damaged, broken or worn-out leather steering wheel repair as both a craft and an art form we can fulfil the desires and expectations of every client. Our services are adaptable to your needs. We make sure there is nothing left for chance, and everything is done just right.

Oh, and we forgot to mention that we also do panel and dashboard restoration for all sorts of land, air, rail or water vehicles.

Shipping & delivery of repaired steering wheels

With regards to delivery, we want to be flexible. Since we have clients from across the globe, we can both use our time tested and established shipping methods or accommodate you by selecting an option which you prefer.

Since leather steering wheel restoration & leather replacement are arranged services, we will discuss shipping before concluding final details. Of course, you send us the damaged steering wheel first, and once we refurbish it and complete the service, we ship it right back. Our packages and your contents are protected and isolated.
Have any questions or want to talk leather steering wheel repair? Drop us a line!