Classic steering wheel restoration

A long-term value boost – classic steering wheel restoration

Classic car owners have invested not only money but also time into their vehicles. A vintage automobile can be a prized possession that only appreciates with time. However, not all of us are into classic cars or own one for business purposes. For others – it is a lifestyle worth living.

No matter to which camp you belong, classic car steering wheel restoration and hand made refurbishment can be both a short and long-term boost to the value of any classic car. It can be a hot Italian coupe from the late ’50s or a pure-bred American muscle from the late ’60s, whatever your classic car is, we bet our services can make the interior a lot better.

A scuffed, worn or beat down steering wheel is unpleasant to hold and look at. This is arguably the primary reason why classic steering wheel restoration is a sought-after and highly valued service. Thanks to many years of experience, high-quality materials and state of the art technology we can realise the most ambitious ideas for classic steering wheel wrap or produce one-of-a-kind handmade wooden, leather or different steering wheel covers.

Speaking of one-of-a-kind solutions.

Bring back a nice look to your steering wheel or dashboard by contacting us!

Have a damaged steering wheel or a dashboard? We can restore it regardless of your vehicle’s type. Let it be a car, boat or an aircraft – PRO craftsmen will inject some unique style to it. 

Aside restoration services, we produce unique wood steering wheels almost from scratch ourselves. Make sure to check our pre-made steering wheels catalogue and grab something lovely for your car today.

How it works? Once we receive the parts you want to refurbish, one of our specialists takes care of them from the very beginning to the very end. When the restoration process is done, we pack everything securely and ship it back to you. It usually takes only 2 weeks, so that is indeed a quick and great way to boost your vehicle’s interior with some fresh wood and pure leather.

Not concerned? Here are some facts on us:

  • More than 1000 satisfied customers around the world. 
  • Nearly 100 years of woodworking tradition. 
  • Over 1040 weeks of experience in restoring steering wheels and dashboards. 
  • Almost 3650 days of combining wood with leather. 
  • Everything is 100% handmade and custom
  • Quality materials tested quadrillion times. 
  • Manufacturing processes approved by the Japanese scientists
  • Our limit → your imagination.

Steering wheel
restoration cost


  • Steering wheel restoration cost starts at $300. Such price applies to those wheels that do not require complicated refurbishment solutions and exclusive design.
  • More complex steering wheels that are strongly damaged (with numerous cracks) or extremely worn out require detailed restoration work which usually costs $400 – $500.
  • Extremely difficult restoration works or those that demand very custom design run between $600 – $800 and more.


Keep in mind that these prices are preliminary. Steering wheel restoration cost is determined according to its condition and client’s wishes for design. If you want to know the real price for your unit – get in touch with us.



Our premade products and restored pieces can be shipped world-wide. Depending on the region, prices may vary as GAAA (or is located in Northern Europe. Shipping costs are:

  • Europe – approximately $30
  • North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia – approximately $50
  • Antarctica – unfortunately, we have not had to deal with it yet, so drop us a line now!

An added sense of individuality – custom made classic steering wheels

If you own a classic car, having character and setting your car apart is likely to be very important to you. Better maintained, better held up, better performance, better looks. All the details are important and even vital for the community of classic car owners, collectors and enthusiasts alike.

We get that. We give you the platform and enable a creative classic car owner to express themselves or add that extra touch to the interior of their vehicle. By choosing a unique wood type, having contrasting stitching on the leather parts, completely redoing the wheel cover or adding personalisation, every one of our customers can achieve the best possible results. We want our work to embody classic steering wheel repair and refurbishment done right.

Thanks to laboratory-grade manufacturing equipment, right tools as well as know-how, attained over years of doing business with the most demanding and creative clients, our classic steering wheel restoration work can stand out from the rest.

You can ask for classic wood or leather racing steering wheels refurbishment, land yacht classic steering wheel repair or to just completely redo the present unit which you might consider bland and not up to snuff.

Applicable to retro and modern classics

As we touched upon this a bit earlier, our services are not restricted to just particular brands or models of cars. The steering wheel could come from the Bonnie&Clyde era, late 80’s or any other period for that matter. Since our classic car steering wheel restoration or custom hand made work only concerns the aesthetics and not the handling characteristics or functionality, we are not limited.

Two-spoke, three-spoke, bespoke, racing or billet banjo. Amongst many different types of steering wheels, there are none that we cannot do our magic on. If you want to discuss this further or have a particular want that you wish to realise – let’s get in touch. Please help us find out how we can be of use to you!