Cadillac Custom Steering Wheels

A car’s reputation is only as strong as the emotion it evokes when you’re driving it. Of course, the power of a vehicle’s engine can attract many, but we all know that we fall in love through the eyes, especially when talking about a Cadillac. For more than a century, the aesthetics of this car have been an endless source of fascination amongst motorheads all around the world. A Cadillac’s elegance is profoundly aspirational. This is why Cadillac remains one of the indisputable leaders when it comes to luxury cars, even after all these years.

Cadillac steering wheel restoration

It’s hard to imagine how you can make a Cadillac looking even better, but this is where we come in. At Wooden Steering Wheels, we can significantly increase your Cadillac’s allure with a brand new Cadillac custom steering wheel personalized just for you. Imagine hitting the road inside this majestic car, knowing that you’ve made it one of a kind with a wooden steering wheel that reflects your personality. The smooth feeling of the wood in your hands will enhance your driving experience. Your car’s looks will captivate other Cadillac drivers, making it more valuable, and considerably increasing its value if you ever put it up for sale. Choose our steering wheel restoration services!

Handmade Cadillac custom steering wheels make a great addition to improve your already outstanding car’s looks. When paired with a matching dashboard made by us, your car is guaranteed to steal the show wherever you take it.

Cadillac Steering Wheel Restoration

Luxury means so much more than comfort and charm combined. Luxury is a lifestyle. That’s something all Cadillac owners know very well, as they experience it every time they sit behind the wheel and get to ride this astonishing vehicle worthy of royalty. Every person who takes pride in being a Cadillac lover knows that driving this vehicle is the ultimate indulgence. This is why it’s vital to keep your car in mint condition.

When giving your vehicle proper care and maintenance, every component counts. You must never forget that your car’s interiors are as important as a good bodywork. You must fix and replace every piece when necessary in order to keep your Cadillac looking fresh. It’s easy to praise a car based only on the outside, but getting inside a beautiful ride only to discover that its wheel is all worn out will automatically kill the mood.

Even if your original steering wheel has already lost all its appeal, it’s not too late to bring it back to life. For a complete recovery of this essential component, get a Cadillac steering wheel restoration. Turn back time on your good old rudder, and set sail into new adventures with your beautiful classic car.

Cadillac Steering Wheel Cost

The wheel makes the car. No matter how you put it, any vehicle, as beautiful as it may be, turns out to be utterly useless without a steering wheel. It’s time we give this part the credit it deserves by providing it with a much-needed customization or repair. At Wooden Steering Wheels, we take this job very seriously and will provide you only with the highest quality wood or leather for your steering wheel refurbishing needs.

The Cadillac steering wheel’s price depends on a lot of factors. A simple restoration or customization, without complicated or exclusive designs, can start at $300. For heavily damaged steering wheels or more complex and demanding designs, costs can fluctuate between $400 and $500. Challenging refurbishment jobs or full-on replacements with highly personalized designs can start at $600, and reach $800 or higher in more demanding scenarios.

To get a better estimate of how much you’ll end up paying for your Cadillac custom steering wheel or restoration, contact us by phone or through our site. Keep in mind that these prices may vary, and they don’t include shipping costs.

Placing an Order

If you wish to buy a Cadillac custom steering wheel or dashboard, let’s get down to business. It’s important for you to have an initial vision of where do you want to get with your restoration or customization project. If you don’t have a clear idea, we can always advise what might work well for you and your budget.

Once we are clear on the design and materials, we’ll proceed to set the price and place your order. You will need to send us your old steering wheel. From this point on, the process will take no more than two weeks. Once we get your steering wheel, we’ll assign the project to one of our highly experienced craftsmen who won’t stop working until you’re entirely satisfied with the result.

When fully finished, your steering wheel will be sent back to you, so you can start enjoying it in no time.

Main Facts About Cadillac Cars

  • The founders of Cadillac named the company after the man who founded the city of Detroit who was french (Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac).
  • In 1912 Cadillac introduced one of the first electric lightning systems in automobiles.
  • The first car sold by Cadillac cost only 850 bucks (1903, NY auto show).
  • In 2016 Cadillac reached highest annual sales that were not bypassed since 1986. In 2017 they hit the new record by delivering 356,467 cars.
  • Cadillac was the first manufacturer that put a beast V16 engine inside a car.
  • Average price of Cadillac in 2020 is around 67,418 bucks.
  • Cadillac made one of the first bulletproof limos that were used by presidents.
  • Cadillac won the first Motor Trend Car of the Year listing award in 1949.
  • After Cadillac cars were introduced, they reached top 10 sales in the US every year for more than 10 years.
  • Cadillac is in the top 10 list of the oldest car manufacturers in the world
Cadillac is a magnificent car that requires special maintenance. Get a custom Cadillac steering wheel by ordering restoration services from us and receive the comfort and luxury you deserve.

About Us

Wooden Steering Wheels is a family business with more than a hundred years of woodworking tradition and over a thousand satisfied customers to date. We provide pre-made Mercedes-Benz and BMW steering wheels, and we also take care of customization and restoration of cars, aircraft, ships, buses, tractors, or any other vehicle that could benefit from a custom steering wheel or dashboard. All our products are handmade, mostly using wood and leather.

For more information on what we offer, visit our about us page to discover how we can breathe new life into your Cadillac.

Bring back a nice look to your steering wheel or dashboard by contacting us!

Have a damaged steering wheel or a dashboard? We can restore it regardless of your vehicle’s type. Let it be a car, boat or an aircraft – PRO craftsmen will inject some unique style to it. 

Aside restoration services, we produce unique wood steering wheels almost from scratch ourselves. Make sure to check our pre-made steering wheels catalogue and grab something lovely for your car today.

How it works? Once we receive the parts you want to refurbish, one of our specialists takes care of them from the very beginning to the very end. When the restoration process is done, we pack everything securely and ship it back to you. It usually takes only 2 weeks, so that is indeed a quick and great way to boost your vehicle’s interior with some fresh wood and pure leather.

Not concerned? Here are some facts on us:

  • More than 1000 satisfied customers around the world. 
  • Nearly 100 years of woodworking tradition. 
  • Over 1040 weeks of experience in restoring steering wheels and dashboards. 
  • Almost 3650 days of combining wood with leather. 
  • Everything is 100% handmade and custom
  • Quality materials tested quadrillion times. 
  • Manufacturing processes approved by the Japanese scientists
  • Our limit → your imagination.

Steering wheel
restoration cost


  • Steering wheel restoration cost starts at $300. Such price applies to those wheels that do not require complicated refurbishment solutions and exclusive design.
  • More complex steering wheels that are strongly damaged (with numerous cracks) or extremely worn out require detailed restoration work which usually costs $400 – $500.
  • Extremely difficult restoration works or those that demand very custom design run between $600 – $800 and more.


Keep in mind that these prices are preliminary. Steering wheel restoration cost is determined according to its condition and client’s wishes for design. If you want to know the real price for your unit – get in touch with us.



Our premade products and restored pieces can be shipped world-wide. Depending on the region, prices may vary as GAAA (or is located in Northern Europe. Shipping costs are:

  • Europe – approximately $30
  • North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia – approximately $50
  • Antarctica – unfortunately, we have not had to deal with it yet, so drop us a line now!